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AUTO-THREE Car Home Dual-Purpose Air Purifier

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product description

  This product decomposes formaldehyde through chlorine dioxide. After 3-4 hours of use, the formaldehyde in the car can be eliminated by 99.9%. The removal rate of formaldehyde has passed many professional tests. In addition, the unique convection design of the purifier improves the purification cycle effect and keeps the air in the car naturally fresh.

  1. Eliminate formaldehyde and prevent the spread of bacteria: lasting aroma, remove peculiar smell, green and safe.

    2. The simple and beautiful design can be integrated into various types of auto parts, compact, simple, harmonious and beautiful.

    3. It takes 3 minutes to clean 3 cubic meters of car space
        It takes 5 minutes to clean 5 cubic meters of car space
        It takes 7 minutes to clean the space of a 7 cubic meter car

    4. Chlorine dioxide can decompose formaldehyde and has a powerful, clean, safe and harmless effect.

    5. Increase convection, improve the effect, and continuously and effectively purify the air;There are two outlets at the bottom of the purifier and the mouth of the bottle to form strong convection, disperse nano-micromolecules, fundamentally decompose formaldehyde, and improve the purification effect. Really remove formaldehyde instead of masking the smell. Nano molecules oxidize and decompose formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water that are harmless to the human body.

Easy installation

Take the shell cover and align the center with the formaldehyde purification solution
Agent, press down firmly to reach the super absorbent tree
If the grease powder falls into the liquid, shake the solvent gently.

Rotate the shell cover 360° to cut the inner bladder film

Take out the liner film and let the solvent and balm completelyExposed.

Take out the cup and put the micromolecular formaldehyde purifier
Put it in the bottle and align the bottom three holes for purification
Three holes to prevent shaking.

Turn clockwise to cover the cup body cover to complete the installation
It can be put into the car to purify the formaldehyde, namely the air.


1. It is fixed in the car and it is forbidden to tilt to avoid the gel blocking the gas passage.

2. Children are not allowed to touch or play, and avoid eating by mistake.

3. The product is gel-like after 15 minutes of activation. Do not turn it upside down if it is still liquid within 15 minutes. 4. If you accidentally touch the liquid in the bottle, you should rinse it with clean water in time.

5. When the colloidal crystals in the bottle become white, it is invalid. Please replace the inner bottle (micromolecules) in time.


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